How to Import Data into Zuper? (Customers/Employees/Products/Services )

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If you are migrating data from an existing system or would like to add a large number of entries, you can add them in bulk instead of importing data points one at a time using the Import Data feature.  

Please follow the below instructions to import data into Zuper. 

  1. Go to the Settings option on the Menu
  2. Click on Data Import in the General Settings section.mceclip0.png
  3. Choose the Module where you would like to upload dataZuper currently supports bulk import in the following modulesCustomers, Employees, Products, Assets, and Jobs.  mceclip1.png
  4. Once you have selected a specific module, use the Unique Field Type dropdown to prevent duplicate data entries. Make sure that the field you select doesn’t have any duplicates.        mceclip3.png       Note: In the dropdown, choose Default Fields if you would like to use one of the built-in fields as the Unique Field Type. Choose Custom Fields if you would like to use one of the fields that are set by your Zuper Admin. 
  5. Once you have selected the Unique Field Typeit is time to narrow down on your choice and mention the nature of the field you have selected for removing duplicate entries. Known as Unique Field Check, this will help Zuper assess the distinct values under each entry in the selected field and validate data efficiently. 


    mceclip6.pngNote: Unique Field Check i.e.Default Field Check and Unique Custom Field is available only for certain modules like Customers, Assets, Employees, and Products. In cases like Job Import, there is no option for unique field check.   

  6. Click on the Download Template link and enter the corresponding data into respective columns in an excel sheet.   mceclip8.png       Note: The number of rows per sheet should not exceed 1000. 

  7. Once you have completed data entry in the template, click Upload File and select the specific excel sheet that you need to upload.  
  8. When the file is successfully uploaded, you can see that all the entries available in your excel sheet will be automatically appended in the respective module.  

Voila, your data import is complete! In case you have any issues, do reach out to in case of any queries. Our team is just an email away! 


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